Get to know more about Assurance Thrift &
Credit Cooperative Society Limited.


We are a Microfinance bank and we offer financial services to Micro, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME) as well as low-income housing and high net worth individuals, as well as guarantee and credit cooperative society (MSME). ASSURANCE THRIFT & CREDIT COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED Provide loans to members, especially small and medium-sized businesses, low income earners and ensure efficient use of loans among recipients.


To promote and practice financial inclusion by developing Cooperative/Microfinancing business to register members, providing services to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), formal and informal self-help groups, individuals, cooperatives, associations and low-income groups in Nigeria irrespective of ethnicity health or status. To encourage the savings culture to ensure self-sustainability in businesses as a tool to poverty alleviation in Nigeria. To establish and carry out business as proprietor and promoters of Cooperative Societies and Microfinance services in Nigeria.


To develop the brand of ASSURANCE into a world class reputable Multinational  Financial Institution Known to all stakeholders for promotion of savings culture, supporting MSMEs and creating wealth for stakeholders.


We are engage in mobilization of grass root resources both human & capital, give micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and enterprises access to business loans thus increase their income, expand their businesses, create jobs and lift people above poverty line, while growing the MSMEs sub-sector of the Nigeria economy.


Our organizational ethos is embodied in our common goals and is best expressed in our statements of vision and purpose.


Our values are the principles that support and guide our mission and performance. They are principles that our staff members cherish and ideals they want to achieve. Our organizational values are customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, competitiveness and efficiency. Our personal values are excellence, respect, responsibility, fairness and honesty. Together these values provide the basis for determining the ethical and moral obligation of ASSURANCE to its staff, of staff members to each other, and of the bank to its clients. ASSURANCE will strives to align staff and the institutional values through our recruitment and hiring practices to strengthen the employees’ commitment to our mission and vision.