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At Assurance, we believe the beauty of life lies in the little things that give us a better self-expression, make us more social, and emotionally connect.



These savings accounts are designed to foster savings culture among our registered members with the ability to access instant loan facilities, gain enticing interest in regular savings while driving all-inclusive financial inclusion, collection terminals level, and mobile banking facilities.
We are well aware of your need to save, and your future investment is our shared concern. We built our savings account packages for you for this purpose. Click here to learn more..


When it comes to supporting registered members of Assurance Thrift Limited for business growth and longevity, Assurance Money is at the frontline. Our goal is to see businesses thrive and succeed. We rendered Lease Acquisition Financing that supports businesses, acquire machineries and assets needed for sustainable business operation and with reduced guarantee requirements. For this reason, we have developed our Loan facility Products packages for you. Click here to apply..

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Customer satisfaction is our top most priority hence we have created convenient services to cater for their needs.


We are well aware of your need to save, and our mutual concern is your future investment. For this reason, we have developed our account savings packages for you.

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You have just found your product if you want to rapidly maximize your opportunity or to acquire a major project. Assurance Money gives you a significant amount of credit to help you achieve your goal.


How much more could your bank account do with your bank? Today, open an account to enhance your financial activities to a broad range of personalized banking services.

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