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Account Opening Guide

Everyone is special, so that one size never suits all. That’s why, regardless of situation or lifestyle, we have a wide range of accounts to suit everybody. And whether you want a basic account or an options blast, you’ll find the right account that fulfills your expectations.
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How I Can Check my Account Balance

There are several ways to check your account balance, namely: ATM By selecting the Balance Enquiry option, you can check your balance on any ATM.

The Balance Enquiry feature can also be carried out on POS terminals.

Internet Banking
You can also check your balance online using our internet banking app to sign in to your account.

How Can I Open Savings Account
This savings account is intended to promote savings by earning attractive interest on your regular savings.
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How Can I Open Assurance Target Savings Account (ATSA)

ATSA is a project-oriented savings account that promotes investments for time-bound future projects like business start-ups, construction projects, marriage ceremony and higher education.

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How Can I Open Children Account

Investing in your children and their homes can be very rewarding.

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How to Get Loan

Capital is key to running a successful small business.

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How to Get Loan for your Education

Education is the foundation of social and economic development

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How to Get Loan for your Business

SME Loan is a credit product specifically designed to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.

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Get to know more about us

We are a Microfinance bank and we offer financial services to Micro, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME)

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